What types of transport can you use?

One of the elements in a funeral is the physical transportation of the coffin to the church, cemetery, or crematorium.
Traditionally, families expected to see a traditional black hearse; now however, there is a wide range of unique, classic, beautiful, and characterful forms of transport available for hire, any one of which might reflect the unique life that you are honouring. Some are pictured below; and you can see others on www.hearseclub.co.uk/gallery/

Many families are pleased to use our own blue-black Audi 6 estate car, which looks unpretentious, yet smart; you can use your own estate car, or something else that’s suitable, like a long wheelbase Landrover for example. We have towed a keen sailor to the crematorium with his coffin strapped into a sailing dingy, with the flags flying!

Family transport: while most families meet us at the place where the service is taking place , you may want to start by following the coffin in a ‘cortege’ from your house; you may want to go via a special route. However, limousines, MPV’s or a coach provide you and your family with the opportunity to travel together.

As ever, just call us with any ideas or options that you’d like to discuss:

Pictured below are some other different types of transport that are available to you.

Examples of Hearses

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