Different funeral arrangements?

We will inform you of the choices and work with you to design and arrange a funeral that is a tribute – and honours the life of the person who has died. Working together with you we will make even the simplest, the most traditional or the most ornate funeral special, and all those present will feel it.

If there is something that you would like to talk about that is not listed below then please contact us on 01453 767769.

Traditional Funerals

Traditional burial: Typically, a service at the church or cemetery chapel led by a minister, with a traditional coffin brought in a hearse, followed by burial in the churchyard or the local cemetery.

Simple cremation: A service led by a minister in the crematorium chapel, with a traditional coffin brought in a hearse, followed by the cremation.

Green Funerals

A green funeral usually involves a coffin made of natural, biodegradable materials and burial in a natural burial ground or on private land. 

This involves a less formal ceremony led by a minister, friend or celebrant in some specially chosen venue, followed by burial in a natural or woodland burial site, or on your own land.

All materials would be biodegradable …..  for example the coffin would be made from cardboard, woven willow, woven bamboo; and no chemicals would be used.

A family wanting a green funeral will often want to be more involved in the different parts of the process. Your choice entirely!

Alternative Funerals

A funeral need not be a dark, gloomy affair if you don’t want it to be

Together we will find many small ways to make the funeral uniquely personal to the one who has died. This way, you can give them a ‘farewell’ a bit more like they themselves might have wanted, as well as feel good about what you have done for those left behind.

For example:

Burial at sea – The funeral service can be held locally, to then be followed by burial at sea in full maritime tradition a day or so later. The nearest port of embarkation is in Lymington in Hampshire, about 17 miles east of Bournemouth. We then sail out to the ‘Needles’, West of the Isle of Wight for a service on the boat followed by the burial.

Ideas for making the funeral special

We have a lot of experience in tailoring funeral arrangements to help make the day more personal and about the person who has died. For example:

1) Include the Minister in a briefing meeting with us all, to help them (and you) make the most of every opportunity of making the service personal.

2) If you do not have a particular religious faith, ask your uncle or a family friend to lead the ceremony; we can put you in touch with a Humanist minister, or the right independent or civil celebrant who – with your guidance – will create a beautiful and personal ceremony.

3) Members of the family and friends of any age and any sex can carry the coffin.

4) Double time can be booked at the crematorium (for under £200 more than the regular slot).

5) Candles can be used in many locations( not Cheltenham Crematorium, sadly).

6) The service can include your own choice of special music, played live or on a CD. You can also have a time of silence, in between tributes, songs, poetry, letters and memories spoken by friends, colleagues and family members – including children. The service is yours to design as you want. We will help if you want!

7) Family and friends can decorate the coffin beforehand. . We can put you in touch with an artist who will design and paint it to match your ideas. We can tie ivy fronds on to the sides; people can bring flowers from their gardens to put on the coffin, or used to line the grave. Instead of being left at the crematorium, flower bunches can be taken to the gathering afterwards, or to a local care home or hospice.

8) There is a wide range of possibilities for ashes following the cremation and we would be pleased to work with you on any of these, so please contact us for details.

Changes in Funerals

The video below shows you how funerals have changed throughout the years, and how a certain royal funeral changed funerals forever.

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