Funeral Costs


Unsurprisingly, funeral costs reflect the elements you choose for the funeral. You can find a ‘direct cremation’ on Google for £995 – £1350. Family Tree charge £1,595. The difference is the level and quality of personal care and attention given to you and your family and to the person who has died. Your choice!

See below for other choices:

Funeral costs


Costs for a cremations or a burial are broadly similar – until it comes to the headstone. About three-quarters of all funerals involve cremation.

A cremation through Family Tree in 2022 with no ‘extras’ will cost around £3,500. for a 30-minute cremation service. This includes our professional fee, the fee for the doctor’s paperwork, a mid-price coffin and courier delivery, the fee for a  minister or celebrant, the cremation fee and our estate car as the hearse.

 Extras are ‘extras’ because these choices are less likely to be chosen for many funerals: these include a newspaper announcement, orders of service, professional bearers, flowers, or the coffin brought to the house or church overnight.

A burial can cost around £3,500 depending on the location and the coffin. A traditional headstone for the grave can be upwards from £1,000.


Estimating cremation costs in 2021

Direct Cremation: £1,595

No family present, but very respectful and personal, with everything organised and handled personally by Family Tree. The cremation takes place at a time and location of our choosing, but we will let you know, of course. This price includes our professional and doctor’s fees, a meeting with the family, collection, mortuary services – including dressing in their own clothes – personal care of the deceased, the crematorium fee, a simple cardboard or wood veneer coffin, our estate car as the hearse,  and the return of the ashes to you.

The Family Tree ‘Sunrise’ at Gloucester Crematorium: £2,400

This includes all of the above, full liaison and meetings with you, the opportunity to visit the person who has died, with a ‘Sunrise’ ten-minute service time between 9 and 10 am at Gloucester Crematorium. This is an intimate time for close friends and family to stand together around the coffin, with two music tracks you’ve chosen.

Early-morning service costs at local crematoria:

Direct cremation (no service): Gloucester, £445. Cheltenham, £425. Westerleigh, £470

Cheltenham: £650 for a 15-minute attended ‘Sunrise’ service 9-10am
Westerleigh: £720 for a 30-minute attended service, 9-9:45am


Regular cremation/church service: around £3,500, depending on what you include and made up of the following:

Funeral Director’s fee from £1,795

This fee covers and includes:

– An initial meeting (and follow-up meetings/calls/emails as needed) to discuss all aspects of the funeral. This can be at your home or in our private office.  You’ll have time to understand the process, talk through the person’s life and times, explore your ideas, and know you have been heard and understood. You can ask any and all questions, and finish with a plan in mind that feels right for you and the person who has died.

– Collecting the person who has died from home, a nursing home, hospice or hospital; gentle, personal and gender-sensitive mortuary care; preparation and dressing of the person who has died; the opportunity for you to spend time with the person in a peaceful setting if you would like. N.B An additional cost will be applied for help with keeping the person at home, out-of-hours collection, bringing the person into church or home the night before the funeral.

– Advice and guidance on all legal requirements, registration, completion of and responsibility for all funeral administration and paperwork; exploration of all the different options for the funeral and the ceremony including the service itself, celebrants/ministers, ideas for the gathering afterwards, and catering ideas if you need them.

– Use of our dark blue estate car as the hearse, or suggestions for alternative transport.

– Collecting, keeping, transferring and delivering the ashes and advice on the options for a memorable burial or scattering ceremony.


Links to local crematoria

Gloucester: A 20-minute service (30-minute slot time) £912. 45-minute and one-hour slots also available.
Gloucester fees and charges

Cheltenham: A 35-minute service (45-minute slot time) £915.
Cheltenham fees and charges

Westerleigh: A 35-minute service (45-minute slot time) £985.
Westerleigh fees and charges


Doctor’s fee £82

Needed for cremation only. For years, two doctors’ signatures were required, from separate surgeries, costing £164. They would visit the person and certify that the death was natural and can go ahead. Since Covid-19 this has reduced to one doctor and we don’t anticipate this will change back.


Coffin bearers, from £35 each

Many families have enough able-bodied women and men who are keen to carry the coffin into the service and/or to lower into the grave. If not, we are able to provide professional pall bearers.


Ceremony venue

Hire of a venue ranges from £12 an hour for a simple village or church hall to £1,500 for a full day at The Matara Centre with its beautiful grounds, different rooms and catering facilities.



A celebrant will cost around £225, work with the family on the service content and deliver the service on the day. Church minister fees are £199 for the church service, and £28 (plus around £20 travel) for a cremation afterwards.



Smart and simple oak veneer £465.
Oak veneer with panels/moulding £525.
Somerset woven willow £865.
Imported willow £795.
Locally-made plain cardboard £365. Printed cardboard (various designs) £465. Bespoke images on cardboard £695.

Bespoke cardboard coffins are printed with images you supply, such as paintings or photographs. You can also create your own designs or do découpage on cardboard coffins.

Coffins can be made in other woven fibres, e.g. bamboo, banana leaf/pandanus, and timbers can be stained, varnished, or painted to order. Vibrant glitter coffins are an option, so too are simple shrouds.



Many people wanting a simple family funeral are happy to use our dark blue Audi 6 estate car to take the coffin to the service. This cost is included in our fee.

Traditional hearse £250 for two hours.
Classic Daimler hearse in green or black £495.
Leopard print or pink classic Daimler hearse £750.
Motorcycle sidecar hearse or a motorcycle and trailer hearse £895.
Matched pairs of horses can be hired locally to pull beautiful black or white Victorian coach hearses, or you may prefer a fine flatbed wagon pulled by Barnie the horse. Prices from £795.

Other choices include a long wheelbase silver Land Rover, a Morris Minor ‘woodie’ estate car or a Reliant Robin to almost any vehicle ever made converted to a car that will carry a coffin – prices on application!

Limousines: £225, then £75 per hour over two hours.



You can get a lovely arrangement from a local florist from £65; as your choice of size and variety expands, so does the price. Locally-grown, seasonal flower and greenery arrangements from our smallholder florist in the Slad Valley are fabulous and start from £85.


Newspaper Announcements

Stroud News & Journal, £164. Gloucester Citizen, £140. Gloucestershire Echo, £135. London Times, £155. Costs vary, depending on length.


Local burial fees

Stroud (Horns Road) and Brimscombe cemeteries, £780 and £819 respectively. Double-depth, £946 and £969. Price includes gravedigger and covers both exclusive right to burial and interment. Headstone fees additional, to order. Both charge double fees for non-local residents.

Westmill Woodland Burial Site, Shrivenham, Oxfordshire. £800. Double-depth not available. Gravedigger not included but does include both exclusive right to burial and interment.

Arnos Vale, Bristol. Five acres of woodland in a former Victorian Orchard. £2,500 for a 50-year lease. This represents £1,650 for the grave (exclusive right and interment) and £850 for the gravedigger. Double-depth not available.

Greenfields Woodland site, Staunton, Gloucestershire. £700. Double-depth £1,000. Use of chapel (a charming converted cowshed) £50. Gravedigger not included but does include both exclusive right to burial and interment. (No website.)

Gravedigger cost for church/woodland burials: £550-650. Double-depth will cost more.


Payment information

Disbursements: these are payments we make on the family’s behalf to third parties. They are itemised on our estimate of costs which we will agree with you in advance and are payable before the funeral, please. These include payments to doctors, minister/celebrants, crematorium or cemetery fees, church/verger fees, organist, florist, coffin supplier, gravedigger, newspapers and catering.

Estimated invoice: this will be sent after our arrangement meeting with you.

Final invoice: this will be sent approximately one week after the funeral and is payable within two weeks of the date on the invoice.

Payment terms as described above are the same for all our funerals.

What to do when someone dies


We will tell you exactly what to do, and help and guide you through each of the different stages.

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Contact us any time for funeral assistance. We can be contacted on 01453 767 769, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Family Tree is Stroud's only independent funeral director. We offer traditional and green funerals which are always personal and memorable.

Our aim is to work with you to make it special, and then make it all happen smoothly.

We will work with you to design and arrange exactly the type of funeral
that you and your family feel is right
for the person who has died.

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