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Whether a formal funeral in church followed by burial, a farewell at the crematorium, or an all-day celebratory event, the funeral will be costed in advance and an estimate sent for your approval.

As a general guide, expect a typical cremation to cost around £3,700. Expect a similar amount for burial with the headstone as an additional cost.

N.B. There are as many styles of funeral as there are people, so please talk to us if you want something you don’t see listed here.

Classic Cremation

How much is a basic/typical/simple cremation?

We are often asked, “How much is a basic/typical/simple cremation?” Here is an example of the costs involved in what we call a Classic Cremation. Some optional elements are included, but there are others you could include (listed on Additional Options tab). This example has the ‘simple oak veneer’ as the coffin choice; please click here for further coffin options and prices.

Our professional fee*£1,795*
Cremation at Cheltenham Crematorium£950
Oak veneer coffin£465
Coffin delivery£57
Doctor's fee for cremation paperwork£82
Civil Celebrant£225
Mercedes estate car as the hearse£95
50 x four-page orders of service, designed and printed£105
Hand-tied sheaf of local, seasonal flowers£90

* Our professional fee for a typical cremation is £1,795 and it covers:

  • Collecting the person who has died from home, a nursing home, hospice or hospital within a 20-mile radius in office hours; personal and gender-sensitive preparation, dressing and care of the person who has died until the funeral.
  • The opportunity for you to spend time with the person in our quiet room.
  • An initial meeting (followed by unlimited further meetings, calls, and emails, liaising with all parties involved) to discuss funeral arrangements and offer support, advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral. This initial meeting will result in a comprehensive and personalised plan, confirmed on email – with an estimate of costs – and can be at your home, on Zoom, or in our private office.
  • Completion of and responsibility for all funeral administration, liaison and paperwork.
  • Hosting and managing a personalised online donations page on our website.
  • Attendance at, supervision and management of everything at the funeral itself.

Examples of additional options and costs

Traditional black hearse£275
Church minister fee£206
Practical help with keeping the person at home after they have died£50 per day
Bringing the person into church or back home the night before the funeral£125
Service in church or other venue prior to cremation£125
Temporary engraved wooden gravemarkerfrom £70
Local newspaper announcementfrom £150
Bringing the person who has died into our care outside office hours or at the weekend or Bank Holidays£ £150
Embalming (should circumstances require)£150
Pacemaker removal and recycling£35
Professional pall bearersfrom £45 per person
Formal floral arrangementsfrom £75
Livestreamingfrom £33
Mileage charge for attendance at a funeral more than 20 miles away£1.25 per mile

 ‘Sunrise’ Cremation  – £2,095

Gloucester Crematorium (between 9 and 10am, weekdays):

  • Includes full liaison and meetings with you and the family, collection and care of the deceased, an opportunity to visit the deceased at our premises, a simple cardboard or wood veneer coffin, the cremation cost, doctor’s fee, our estate car as the hearse and the return of the ashes to you.
  • Ten minutes in the chapel, with the coffin carried by the family or on our wheels, with two music tracks of your choice.

Direct Cremation – £1,695

This is an early morning cremation at Gloucester Crematorium, unattended by the family, but – respectfully – by us. The price includes:

  • Our professional fee, including a meeting with the family and our attendance at the cremation
  • Collection of the deceased from the Stroud area in working hours and care until the funeral
  • Crematorium fee
  • Our estate car as the hearse
  • A simple cardboard or wood veneer coffin
  • Doctor’s fee for cremation paperwork
  • Return of the ashes to you

More Information About Prices 

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Whether a formal funeral in church with the traditional hallmarks, or an all-day celebratory event –
will be costed at the time, and an estimate sent for your approval.

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