Coffins available through Family Tree Funeral Company

Family Tree Funerals can provide an almost unlimited range of coffins, including many types and styles that you may not be aware are available, and that may not be offered through a ‘traditonal’ undertaker.

Finding a suitable coffin is of course a personal choice for you and your family, and many are shown on our website; call us if you have any questions, or you’d like to to explore other thoughts and ideas.

All of our coffins are suitable for both burial or cremation unless indicated otherwise.

Please have a look around using the menu options below:

Traditional CoffinsTraditional Coffins

There is a wide range of traditional (wooden) coffins to choose from. Please click the image to see a selection. There is a huge variety of styles and timbers, and we show simply the most popular types.

Picture coffinsPicture coffins

See some examples of picture coffins by clicking on the image. You can choose from a much wider selection of picture coffins, or you can personalise your own with a photograph(s) or picture(s) of your choosing for a completely unique coffin.

Biodegradable coffinsBiodegradable coffins

Click on the image for a small selection of the enormous range of colours and designs available in cardboard coffins. Once again you are able to personalise it, by painting it yourselves,or working with an artist. Contact us for more details of this service.

Biodegradable coffinsBiodegradable coffins

Click on the image for a selection of cardboard coffin designs. Once again this is a fraction of the styles available – we can supply any colour or design you can imagine. You can supply a picture that can be expanded to cover the whole – or parts of – the cardboard coffin, or casket. We can suggest an artist who will work with you to have it all hand painted to your design; or you can do this yourselves. You can contact us for more details.

Woven coffinsWoven coffins

You can choose from a wide range of coffins woven in different fibres, with some willow ones locally made. Click on this image to see some examples.

Coffin linersCoffin liners

All of the coffins you can see will come with a liner. You can click on the image to see a small selection of what else is available, and you can call us to discuss any specific requirements.


You may want to remember them by dressing them in a beautiful robe, or alternatively in their own clothes. We cater for both, and you can see some of our robes by clicking on the image.


You can choose from several beautiful designs of natural, hand-made, woolen burial shrouds. These are perfect for woodland burials, or simply if you care about the environment. You can see our selection by clicking on the image.

What to do when someone dies


We will tell you exactly what to do, and help and guide you through each of the different stages.

Click here for more details.

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