Why end-of-life planning with Family Tree?

In line with our commitment to caring for families after someone has died, we are also committed to people being prepared ahead of that time. It’s part of our mission.

Important! You do not need to wait until old age or until you have health issues to do this planning, although of course you can do it then. Ask yourself, “If I had died yesterday, aside from shock, disbelief and grief, what would my family and friends be left to deal with?”

When should I start this?

Now! Call Family Tree Funeral Company to help get you started. Jane is available to talk on the phone, meet in person, and respond to emails.

Jane says: “This work can’t be done overnight. It took me a number of months as I work full time and there is a fair amount to consider. The length of time it takes really depends on how urgent it feels for you and how much time you can put aside. Allow me to help get you started!”

How much will it cost?

£45 per hour for one person, or £55 for a couple/two people. Subsequent hourly rate of £35 per session.

During that first hour, Jane will establish what you need to focus on and she will support you in getting that work underway. You may wish to agree to doing some ‘homework’ and setting a date for the next meeting as that helps to move things along.

For groups of four or more, please get in touch to discuss rates.

A reduced price is available for those on low incomes.

Where do I start?

Small steps work best, as does working with a buddy or a small group who are all doing the same thing. It’s harder to do this work completely by yourself. Having someone alongside to encourage and support you, indicate pitfalls and highlight blind spots, can be incredibly helpful. You can work one-to-one with Jane or you may wish to sign up with a partner or a small group of friends.

What are the benefits of doing this work?

  • It is a kindness to those you leave behind.

Sometimes at Family Tree Funerals, we see families struggling – and even divided – when it comes to making the ‘right’ decisions about the funeral for someone who did not leave any instructions.

But it’s not just the funeral we’re talking about. The treatment and wishes of the dying person during the final weeks and hours of life can be very testing for families who need to make crucial decisions. With the right plans and documents in place, this experience can be made easier for all those involved.

  • It will give you peace of mind.

Jane says: “Speaking for myself, at age 53, I have all my documents in place. It feels very reassuring knowing that if I became seriously ill or even died, my family wouldn’t be wondering what to decide on my behalf. Everything they need is in place, and they can follow my wishes.”


  • It’s satisfying doing something you’ve been thinking about but putting off for ages!

Jane Diamond…

Has worked at Family Tree Funeral Company since 2018 and became the owner in June 2023.

Has been co-host of the Death Cafe in Nailsworth since 2016.

Trained in end-of-life planning with Before I Go Solutions

Is an end-of-life doula in training.

Call Jane on 01453 767 769 to start the conversation.

You can do this! And when you do…

You can be confident you have looked after your family by planning and sorting your affairs.

You will have done your best to not leave a mess for others to deal with after your death; lessening the chance of conflict or even fallouts.

You will gain peace of mind to know that something you have been putting off has now been tackled.


I’ve been putting this off for ages, I admit!
Tell me in detail what I will work through.


Your will – is it up to date?


Setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney for Health & Welfare and Property & Finance.


Setting up an Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment with a supporting Advance Statement.


Establishing a DNACPR order (Do Not Resuscitate) if you want one.


Gaining an understanding of what ‘normal dying’ looks like.


Talking through your last days’ wishes and what might feel important to you.


Housekeeping and practical matters for the various areas of your life.


Your digital legacy.




Talking through what you want for your funeral.

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