Family Tree have been known for doing funerals that are somehow ‘different’; if we are asked to help with a ‘traditional’ funeral which has that familiar look and feel, there are still aspects we can suggest –  together with the family – will reflect the character and style of the person who has died – sometimes elements that surprise and delight – even in the most traditional of funerals.

One of these could be this hearse made and styled by Maserati – that iconic Italian manufacturer renowned for making luxury cars with fabulous good looks and extraordinary speed; not the obvious specifications for a hearse. But certainly eye-catching, even if you don’t plan to use its legendary acceleration.

The model shown outside Family Tree’s premises on Middle St, Stroud has a top speed of more than double the motorway speed limit, making a theoretical journey time from Middle St to Bisley Church of around 2 minutes. Obviously absurd, both legally and practically!

But for a traditional funeral for someone who liked a bit of dash, this stylish hearse is available from Family Tree, and is an example of how we can make a traditional funeral memorable and more personal.

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