Alternative Funerals

Alternative Funerals

An ‘alternative’ funeral – is it different? Or is it just a funeral where families have planned, organised and arranged a funeral that is relevant, personal and meaningful to both family and friends? Is this any different than a ‘Traditional’ funeral? Perhaps in an ‘alternative’ funeral the family want to be more involved in the process than is ‘usual’.

Well, Family Tree welcomes all values, faiths, and styles – and we’ll work to make each funeral unique and memorable for its uniqueness. Call it ‘Traditional’ – call it ‘Alternative’, it is only about what your family feels is right.

No matter what you call it, making funeral arrangements is a daunting prospect. But working together makes it easier; and armed with the right information and choices any funeral can be designed as a tribute to honour the life of the person who has died.

We offer very personal and comprehensive funeral help and are happy to assist with your funeral plans as much or as little as you want, as while it is all about the person who has died – it is FOR those who are left behind.

The best testimonial thanks I ever received was from my client in Gloucester, who had a highly traditional Jamaican church service and burial. Clive said after at the All Nations Club: “Thanks to you James, my father, he went down smooth “.

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Testimonials from families

Thank you. Thank you for making what could have been a nightmare very beautiful. You inspired us to be creative and to truly celebrate our daddy openly, and we are all very grateful to you for that. It is profound and beautiful to turn sad introspection into theatrical celebration – and that was in fact the essence of our father. He would have loved it! Thank you for your patience and kindness.

H.B. Bath.

Incredible, yesterday. Most splendid funeral I have ever attended, and unfortunately I have attended many. Thank you again. I know you made my granddaughter happy. She is a different girl today, much more positive, and going back to college next week ……….your “send-off” for her mother did something wonderful for her.

R. Stroud

It was a beautiful funeral; I know that if you had not been so flexible and had so many good ideas it would not have been like this. We’ve had lots of feedback from Mum’s friends about what a good funeral it was.

Q. Stroud

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We will work with you to design and arrange the exact type of funeral that you and your family feel is right for the person who has died. Our aim is to work with you to make it special, and then make it all happen smoothly.

What to do when someone dies


We will tell you exactly what to do, and help and guide you through each of the different stages.

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