As we head into September, the funeral world is looking more like its old self but still with some significant differences.

Face to Face: We are now holding socially-distanced arrangement meetings in our office. The option remains to use Zoom or the phone if family members are vulnerable or shielding.

Face masks: It is mandatory for visitors to the office to wear a face mask. And also for mourners attending funerals, whether in church or at a crematorium.

Crematoria: Westerleigh now permit 30 mourners in their larger (Waterside) chapel and have stayed at 15 in the smaller (Woodland) chapel. Cheltenham and Gloucester allow 30. Live-streaming remains a popular option for many families.

Churches: They are starting to take services and are making their own decision regarding numbers, depending on the size of the church. Larger gatherings (maximum 30) are allowed for a graveside-only service.

Singing: This is not permitted in churches or crematoria.

Venues: Crematoria onsite facilities are now open and other venues are increasingly available such as restaurants, hotels and pubs but all following government advice on social distancing.

Track & Trace: We are obliged to take the names and numbers of those attending funerals.

Family Tree remain deeply grateful to the families who have worked so closely with us in recent months to make their funeral arrangements so very excellent. We are also grateful and relieved that our area has not been as badly affected by the virus as many other towns and cities. As always, we are available 24 hours a day, every day, to walk alongside you if you find yourself needing to arrange a funeral for a loved one, or to talk through your own ideas for yours.

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