Guide – What to do when a loved one dies

This free guide tells you all you need to know.

It can be a particularly stressful and upsetting time when you lose a loved-one, or are about to lose one. You’re probably wondering what you should do and who you should call.

You may also be worrying about what arrangements you need to make. Should you ring a doctor? Do you need to do anything about the will, if indeed there is one?

Free Guide - What to do when a loved-one dies

My free guide “What to do when a loved-one dies” explains all of this for you, and more. And all you need to do is call me on 01453 767769 or click the link below the guide on your left. You’ll then be sent a copy of my guide free of charge, whether you use my services or not.

And of course, you can ask any questions you may have when you call me. In my years as a funeral director I’ve encountered most issues and challenges.

 You should find the guide helpful as it explains to you:

  • What you must do if your loved-one dies at home.
  • When you should contact the registrar. And what you must take with you when you go to see them.
  • How much time you actually have to arrange the funeral.
  • What paperwork is involved with a funeral or cremation.
  • How much it’s likely to cost you to arrange a funeral.
  • What the legal implications are for you regarding the will and estate.
  • And more besides…

Just call me on 01453 767769 to request your free copy of “What to do when a loved-one dies”. Alternatively, click this link here to request a copy by email. Your guide with then be posted to you the very next day.

Best wishes,

James Showers

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