If you want a personal funeral that reflects the unique life of the person who has died, come and talk to us.

Down to earth, simple and unfussy, or beautiful and highly ornate – it is the life of the person who has died that guides us, and we’ll be led by you and your family.

As you tell us about the life and times of the person, we will begin to plan a funeral with you that’s the kind of unique and characterful farewell event that  they themselves would have wanted to attend.

We can suggest sensible choices to personalise each element of the funeral. You no longer need to follow the old Victorian rules ….. the ‘default’ model of funeral that we’ve all attended. Nor should you have to choose a range of services ‘off the peg’.

It can often be small touches throughout that reflect the life and character of the person who has died. You, your family and friends will know what these are.

We help by knowing the procedures, the choices, the many small ways the funeral can reflect the life and character of the person who has died; and we’ll find a way to include them.

This way the funeral can create new – even wonderful – memories, and leave you, your family, and all who were there feeling pleased and proud of the person they knew, and the farewell they’ve attended.

Traditional Funerals

Making funeral arrangements with us alongside will make a daunting prospect a lot easier. We will quickly understand what it is you want, and have the experience to add touches to even the most traditional of funerals so that it feels personal and heartfelt.

Green Funerals

A ‘green’ funeral usually involves a coffin made of natural, simple materials and burial in a natural burial ground or on private land. Usually there is no headstone, though a flat ‘tablet’ is sometimes allowed; in a few sites a memorial tree may be planted.

The intimacy, involvement and authenticity of a green burial funeral can be designed into a ‘green’ cremation too.

Alternative Funerals

We will work with you to design and arrange the exact type of funeral that you and your family feel is right for the person who has died. Our aim is to work with you to make it special, and then make it all happen smoothly.

Funeral Pre-Payment Plans

Paying for your funeral in advance can bring peace of mind, knowing that it is all planned and paid for; it may even be a very good investment. But it will undoubtedly be some relief to your family when the time comes to arrange the funeral.

“It does not seem almost a month ago that we all gathered to say goodbye to J. Family and friends still agree that it was a strangely beautiful day, and beneficial to all of us in our various states of shock and grief. K – J’s friend, thanked us for ‘the proudest moment of his life’ – and it was clearly important to many others that J. had a ‘hands-on’ farewell. Thank you for that.”

S.D. Frampton on Severn.

“Once again a big thank you from me and from all in the family, esp. the old man! It really worked for him! This morning he said “I wonder what the stuffy people thought of it!” with a mischievous chuckle….giving it his approval….so we managed to bring the opposites together and all were honoured.”


“We would never, ever have done it like this without you”


“It was a deeply emotional time, a time of healing through which you guided us in the most gentle and supportive way. We are most grateful”


“My family and I would like to thank you and your company for the way that you handled the interment of my wife’s ashes on Monday last. It wasn’t a day that I had been looking forward to, but after I felt at ease that it had finally been done. K and I both agreed that your resume of E’s life and character was done with compassion and sympathy, although you hadn’t met her; also the reading of the poem was perfect, and seemed to reflect the spirit of the day. Our thanks again, and we hope to see you on perhaps a happier occasion.”

“A rather belated note to say thank you for your help in arranging Mum’s funeral. You listened to all our requests, and responded sensitively and accurately; you helped us make decisions when we dithered, and were very patient. On the day, your organization was well planned and unobtrusive. Your choice of other members for your team was great. It was a great funeral. Thank you.”

C.G. Kings Stanley.

“From the first few word we exchanged on the telephone, it was clear that Family Tree were the people to take care of everything. They dropped round a few minutes later, very quickly understood what I had in mind, and artfully made the necessary arrangements. Without their reassuring presence, sensitivity and professionalism, the celebration would not have been the magnificent occasion that it was.”

W.R. Stroud, from his published tribute to B’s life “Then Shall You Truly Dance”

“Thank you again for looking after us so beautiful as we arranged Dad’s funeral. We could not have been in better hands. We were able to put all our trust in you and you made it a remarkably special day.”

J.C. Avening.

“Thank you once again for all your care, support and concern during the past couple of weeks.”

V.W. Chalford

“Instead of it being a very sad and stilted occasion, it seemed to me a very natural progression from a very happy life to a well earned rest. Your kind way of steering us all in the right direction, and ensuring that things ran smoothly without a lot of fuss was very much appreciated. It was very pleasing for us all to be able to play our part under your quiet guidance.”

V.C Nailsworth

“We want to say how fortunate we feel to have had the pleasure of meeting you, and how confidently we feel that our wishes will be met.”

E.L and B.J. Painswick.

This is where we are different

 We will work with you to design and arrange the exact type of funeral that you and your family feel is right for the person who has died. Our aim is to work with you to make it special, and then make it all happen smoothly.

You can have as much- or as little – involvement as you would like in the funeral arrangements, and at every stage of the process. If you prefer, you can leave everything to our professional team, knowing that it will all be done exactly as you would want.

You can have anything from a traditional burial or cremation service, or simpler -more intimate – forms of these, to a full on formal burial at sea.  Simply tell us something of your wishes and thoughts about it all, and we will work with you to plan and arrange the rest of the funeral with you – and make sure that it is what you want, and that it all happens smoothly.

You can contact us at any time for funeral assistance

Whether you have just suffered a death in the family, or if you have someone close who is terminally ill and you just want to talk, you can call us at any time, 365 days a year. We will tell you what you need to do at each stage, and will organise everything.

You also have the option of using a pre-payment plan for your funeral arrangements; at least you’ll know it is all planned and paid for. With funeral costs continually rising, your family would find this a valuable service. They’ll know what you wanted, there’ll be more money for them, and lowers the value of the estate and therefore in some cases have an impact on inheritance tax.

We are here to help and so please contact us today by calling us on 01453 767 769 or alternatively you can email us via this link

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Contact us at any time for funeral assistance

We will work with you to design and arrange the exact type of funeral that you and your family feel is right for the person who has died. Our aim is to work with you to make it special, and then make it all happen smoothly.

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