Funeral Pre-Payment Plans

Funeral Pre-Payment Plans

A Good Idea? 

Funeral costs have increased by almost two thirds over the last ten years. They are projected to rise by almost 20% during the next five (Sun Life ‘Cost of Dying’ 2018);  this despite a drive by the government to reduce this inflationary rate of expansion.

If you have a life expectancy of more than two or three years, if you have the savings, and if you feel you can tackle the job (or get someone else to), it makes sense to plan and pay for your funeral in advance. You can of course put money aside in an investment or savings account, but unless it’s in Amazon shares, it may be unlikely to keep pace with the rise in funeral costs.

You should at least look into a pre-paid funeral plan. Here is the one we recommend and the one we will work with for you to plan and pay for your funeral:

This pre-paid funeral plan is run by the Good Funeral Guide – for 14 years a fearless advocate of consumer information and sensible advice; they’ve created a flexible, simple, transparent way to get your funeral at today’s prices, no matter how far into the future your death may be.

Prepayment plans can be bought outright, or paid for by installment over 12 months; you can take your money out whenever you need it, and change the name on the plan so someone else can benefit.

A Good Investment?

So far the Good Funeral Guide Plan have achieved a 3.74% annual increase via their investments*; they charge a very fair £195 one off administrative fee (vs others of up to £350). Unlike other plan providers, they do not pay us any sales commissions.      So we must think they’re good!

It will surely bring peace of mind for you to know that your funeral is all planned and paid for; it will certainly be some relief to the family when the dreaded time comes to arrange and pay for your funeral.

Family Tree Funeral Company nor GFG Plans are restricted to selling pre-packaged plans at nationally fixed prices: we are free to agree plans and prices with you in exactly the same way as we do for today’s funeral. Your instructions are held on file by us and by the funeral plan provider; you also hold a copy. It can be revised and amended by you at any time.

*Is My Money Safe?

Your payment for the funeral is invested into the Open Prepaid Funerals Trust Fund, administered by an independent board of trustees. This Trust is wholly separate from Open Prepaid Funerals Ltd. Your payment guarantees cover for all future increases in the funeral director’s fees. The amount paid towards “disbursements” (third party fees including doctors, clergy, newspapers, crematoria, etc.) will rise in line with the Retail Price Index; if this does not keep pace the family will need to make a small top up at the time.



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