Funeral Pre-Payment Plans

Funeral costs have almost doubled over the last ten years. They are projected to double again during the next ten. If you have a life expectancy of more than three years, you have the savings, and feel you can tackle the job,  it probably makes sense to plan and pay for your funeral in advance. You can of course put money aside in a (high interest? !) savings account, but it won’t keep pace with the rise in funeral costs. You may want to look at a pre-paid funeral plan.

Prepayment plans can be bought outright, or paid for by installment over 12 months; they ensure that you get what you want at today’s prices*.

It will bring peace of mind for you to know that it is all planned and settled; it will undoubtedly be a relief to the family when the time comes to arrange and pay for your funeral.

Family Tree Funeral Company is not restricted to selling pre-packaged plans at nationally fixed prices: we are free to agree plans and prices with you in exactly the same way as we do for today’s funeral. Your instructions are held on file by us and the funeral plan provider; you also hold a copy. It can be revised and amended by you at any time.

*Your payment for the funeral is invested in an Independently Managed Trust, which guarantees cover for all future increases in the funeral director’s fees; the amount paid towards “disbursements” (third party fees including doctors, clergy, newspapers, crematoria, etc.) will rise in line with the Retail Price Index.

*Golden Leaves Funeral Plans are founder members of The National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans and are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority. The money you pay for your funeral plan is invested and managed by Merrill Lynch and Citigroup Quilter, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Golden Leaves Funeral Plan Pricing Table


 Traditional BurialSimple CremationGreen BurialBurial at SeaBespoke Funeral
CoffinTraditional oak veneerTraditional oak veneerWoven coffinSpecial coffin for sea burialCoffin of your choice
Collection from local place of death to our chapelYesYesYesYesCollection or supervision of care at home
Full us of chapel of restYesYesYesYesYes
Hearse and four bearers
Limousine or MPV


* Locally grown and made Somerset Willow coffin add £350
** Civil celebrant  add £90
*** If your local churchyard is full, add £456 for use of the municipal cemetery
****An extra £1000 has been included for burial at a woodland burial site, each of which has their own pricing structure; the price may need to be adjusted, depending on your choice of site.

These plans are fully costed examples of each type of funeral until April 2014. If there are specific requirements you have that will change any particular aspect of the plan you prefer, please ask and we will include them in the plan that you choose.

Golden Leaves Funeral Plans add a one off fee of £185 to cover the administration of each funeral plan. Please read this in conjunction with the Golden Leaves Funeral Plans brochure, available from Family Tree or directly from Golden Leaves.



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