Create an online memorial for someone you love who has died

This link will allow you to create an online memorial – a memorial website – which can help you to express and share valuable personal memories and thoughts about your loved one.

Family Tree have teamed up with Much Loved, who are a brilliant and popular resource.

A Much Loved memorial website enables a platform for you and others can express your feelings about a person who has died, not just in words but in pictures, music and even video – ensuring that the online memorial is completely personal and reflects the life of the person who has died. Others just need the password to share in this – and even add to this with their own memories and pictures.

Family and friends, however far away they live, can send their thoughts and be part of the online memorial, and may surprise you  by adding a picture you’ve never seen or a story you’ve never heard.This can come as a great support during what can be a long and  difficult time.

You can also use your site to pass on information to family and friends about the funeral and – perhaps later on – anniversaries and other important occasions.

Donations: a growing number of memorial websites are being used to raise money for good causes or special projects as a tribute to their loved one. Gift Aid can be used more easily via this process too.

This service is free for 10 years – and there are no advertising costs or other strings attached; only after ten years are donations for upkeep of the site requested. The site can be kept online indefinitely, however, so that whatever you create becomes a lasting record and a legacy for future generations beyond your own.

Password-protected: your site will be password-protected so  can remain private, with simple, effective security safeguards; it is guaranteed a firm financial foundation with constant monitoring of the site.

MuchLoved - your place to remember

To find out more, visit the website memorial charity MuchLoved.

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