Talks about death, dying and funerals

Talking about death, dying and funerals

We would be very pleased to talk to you and your group on any aspect of death, dying and funerals.

As well as organising funerals, we aim to be part of a wider movement that encourages thinking and talking about death as a natural part of life. In coping with death, we believe that talking about death reduces our fear of it, and allows us to both live – and to die – better.

We are available to give talks to community organisations, Women’s Institute, U3A, Rotary and Probus groups, and professional organisations, as well as doctors, nurses, care workers, schools and other groups.

The talks are interactive and informative, yet tread lightly around areas of death and dying that the participants might find difficult. Each is tailored to the needs and nature of the particular group, and from our experience groups have always found the occasion to be stimulating and enjoyable.

Topics include:

  • Funerals as Celebrations of Life? The Changing Face of The Dismal Trade. An informative, and entertaining look at how funerals have changed, what influenced these developments and a chance to share and ask questions about death, dying, bereavement and funerals.
  • Creating a personal funeral service and ceremony.
  • End-of-life planning. This covers everything from advice about wills, to how to register Lasting Powers of Attorney, completing an Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment, Do Not Resuscitate orders and final wishes. Nothing is set in stone either. Once you have done this work, as you get older and perhaps have new or changing health conditions or personal preferences, you can make changes to these wishes. The important thing is to be ready and know you won’t be leaving an emotional and administrative headache for loved ones.


For assistance with any of the above please call us on 01453 767769, or you can email us by clicking this link

Contact us at any time for funeral assistance

We aim to work with you in order to cater for and ‘make happen’ the type of funeral arrangements that you want. Our sole aim is to work with you to make it special.

What to do when someone dies


We will tell you exactly what to do, and help and guide you through each of the different stages.

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