Baby and child coffins

Below you can see our different coffins for babies and children. We are here to help you and you can contact us if you need help or guidance. You can also see our range of child and baby urns.

Traditional children's coffinsTraditional coffins

Traditional shaped coffins and straight edged caskets. Each can be spray-painted white (or any other colour) or can be varnished, unvarnished or veneer.



Picture coffinPicture coffins

MDF caskets. They come in a large range of pre-printed designs, but any photograph or picture can be printed on to the top, sides and ends.



Soft coffinsSoft coffins

Fleece-lined paper caskets which are handmade using sustainably harvested bark. Good value, these are completely environmentally friendly. You’ll also see we have fabric coffins, which have a soft padded satin or cotton fabric weave over a wooden frame.



Woven coffinsWoven coffins

Natural woven coffins come in willow, bamboo, seagrass and cane. All materials used are locally grown or – if imported =- ethically sourced. All woven coffins are hand made.



Wool coffins and shroudsWool coffins and shrouds

The coffins are made from a strong, recycled cardboard frame covered by felted pure new wool from Yorkshire. Each is hand stitched and is lined with organic cotton, a padded mattress and pure new wool blanket.



Ways to rememberWays to remember

One of the most difficult parts of saying farewell is finding ways to reflect a life that has been cut short. We will do everything we can to soften this experience for you, but remembering the life in different and authentic ways can be creative and comforting; a memorable item might help and we can work with you on what these might be. This small handmade paper dove is impregnated with wildflowers seeds and blossoms.

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