Deciding how much to spend on flowers for a funeral can be difficult but with a little understanding and planning, funeral flowers can be cheaper than you might expect.

It is traditional for flowers to form some part of the funeral: to go on top of the coffin, given by family as a fond farewellgrand'ma flowers, as well as in the church (although these may already be present thanks to the church volunteers) – even on top of the funeral cars.

To help you understand the costs and options involved we will take a look at some local florists who provide flower arrangements for funerals in Stroud, Gloucestershire

Flowers for funerals in Stroud

Lily Pad (closest to Family Tree Funerals) in Gloucester St. Stroud, Jacaranda in Nailsworth, and the Flower Cube in Stroud’s  Bath Trading Estate will – without exception – listen to what you want, and try and re-create it for the funeral. willow coffin in Chalford Church

Cost of Stroud’s local florists

Stroud’s local florists are all very good indeed, and can make a lovely arrangement for any type of funeral. Typically they charge between £60 – £100 for a simple, but beautiful, arrangement

Costs of independant florists

There are also excellent independent flower arrangers you may know of. Typically they will charge between £50 and £100 for a funeral flower arrangement. But be careful to make sure there are plans in place for collecting or having the flowers delivered on time. 

Creating a funeral flower arrangement yourself 

You can pick flowers and greenery from your own – or your loved one’s – garden, and create your own ‘floral tribute’ (as these things are – rather stuffily – called in the trade).

This process can be wonderfully calming and reflective, and make the flowers an important and very personal part of the farewell.

About James.

As well as ten years as a funeral director, James has been a keen gardener, landscaper and artful outdoor carpenter in the Stroud area; he is married to a botanist and garden designer. 

A desire to work with families who want to bring beauty and a personal approach into the funeral arrangements is central to Family Tree’s special interest.





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